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Recital, transcription

The Art of Transcriptions

Transcribing and integrating pieces from our musical heritage

Transcription, like a five-musician orchestra, is at the very origin of the ensemble; it conserves the power of the work and is so marvellous that what has been created through the transcription actually becomes a bigger-than-life reality…

We have made an effort to bring transcription back to the forefront, creating a context of diabolical virtuosity for the percussionists, enabling the ensemble to demonstrate that the art of illusion is still in its prime…
Ravel, Debussy, Prokofiev, Stravinsky; their universal compositions were written with orchestrations which we know correspond to an era and to a musical fashion….

But what if Ravel were alive today? His orchestrations and transcriptions would certainly be different and would undoubtedly reflect developments in percussion over the years.
For 20 years, the PCL have been pursuing this ‘exercise in style’ in which the instrumentation becomes the innovative vector of the musical idea of the moment.

Some find transcription a bit strange…others even consider it an absolute sacrilege…whilst at the same time they have nothing to say about transposing for the piano… Personally, I delight in hearing new forms…
The family of percussion instruments is extremely rich … the colours, rhythms, effects and velocity that they can produce are in a range which is almost identical to that of a symphonic orchestra. What a pleasure it is to re-orchestrate compositions for 5 musicians.”