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In creating the PCL in 1983, the five young musicians from the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et Danse proposed a new and innovative form of music. While the keyboard percussion instruments were an up-and-coming group, audiences and composers weren’t yet familiar with this instrumentation.

From the beginning the PCL have brought together works written by them, works written for them by today’s composers and pieces from the 20th century repertoire, always writing new chapters in the artistic and cultural evolution of percussion and chamber music.

This never-ending book has brought together Denis Badault, Gavin Bryars, John Cage, Henri-Charles Caget, Jean-François Estager, François Dupin, Robert Pascal, Steve Reich, Takemitsu, Taïra, Xu Yi and many others.

Pièce de geste - Thierry de Mey