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crédit photo : Fanny Haradji

Portrait of Claude Debussy

The modern era of composition began with Debussy’s music, whose extraordinarily complex andever-changing writing was freed from all previous formal conventions.

Images, atmospheres and sensations predominate in Debussy’s highly sensual works. His musicalworld is ideally suited to the sphere of contemporary percussion instruments. Although Debussy neverencountered these instruments, I am certain they would have inspired him, so well does their soundpotential correspond to his creative spirit. In attempting to imagine what he might have written forthem, I decided to transcribe Nocturnes. This masterful orchestral piece typical of Debussy’s work ismade up of Nuages, Fêtes and Sirènes, and includes the full array of « impressions and special effectsof light” mentioned by the composer.

Gérard Lecointe

Suite Bergamasque - Claude Debussy
Prélude, Menuet, Clair de Lune, Passepied
transcription, Gérard Lecointe

Quatre Préludes - Claude Debussy
Voiles, La Danse de Puck, Canope, Feux d’Artifice
transcription de Gérard Lecointe

Après Masques - Gérard Lecointe

Deux Nocturnes - Claude Debussy
Nuages, Fêtes
transcription, Gérard Lecointe

Rigodon - François Narboni

Musical proposition : Gérard Lecointe
Performance length : 1h
Production : Percussions Claviers de Lyon