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Here and Now

Music always speaks to us about beyond and before. It speaks to our memory, reactivates thesounds within us and revives the memories and emotions that are deep within us. Curiosity is rousedwhen a new appealing form teases our ears.

The Percussions Claviers de Lyon unflaggingly continue to transcribe works from the repertoire togive them a new form. In 1914, Erik Satie composed his Sports & Divertissements, a collectionof miniature pieces full of surprises and humour. In 2011, Raphaël Aggery imparted new vibrantcontemporary colours to the pieces with the Percussions Claviers de Lyon.

The same adaptation process can be found in a new version of Here [in circles] by Michel Van derAa in which the soprano soloist operates a cassette recorder on which she records herself and theensemble. The mirror effect of the sounds is completely integrated into the composition and createsconfusion in several ways: who is singing, who is playing now? What sounds are emerging from anextremely recent past?

The singer is surrounded by instruments that bring the stage to life. In her hands she holds a ‘reflectionmachine’ which calls the tunes and questions our understanding of the ‘here and now’.

The programme is concluded with a work commissioned by the Percussions Claviers de Lyon forGerman composer Moritz Eggert, one of the most iconoclastic and gifted composers of his generation.

Gilles Dumoulin

Sports & Divertissements - Erik Satie
transcription Raphaël Aggery
with Géraldine Keller, soprano

Here [in circles] - Michel van der Aa
new version by Gilles Dumoulin
with Géraldine Keller, soprano

New piece from Moritz Eggert

Musical proposition: Gilles Dumoulin
Performance length : 1h
Production : Percussions Claviers de Lyon