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En blanc et noir

2018 – centenary of the death of Claude Debussy
With David Myriam, sand artist

Artist David Myriam draws pictures made of sand simultaneously with the sounds. On a big screen, the sand moves along with the music as a succinct narrative linked to the evocative titles of Claude Debussy’s works.

He called En blanc et noir a piece full of power, contrasts and flexibility. The colours of shadow and light are a reference to the keys of the piano, to Velasquez’s chiaroscuros… One hundred years after, those words become a musical and pictorial starting point for Percussions Claviers de Lyon.

For their instruments, they create new versions of Debussy’s visionary music, highlighting its resonance phenomena and all its sense of artifice and creativity. We’ll find Claude Debussy’s influence in Olivier Messiaen’s Prelude and in the musical piece commissioned for the occasion to young composer Denis Fargeton.

Performance length : 65 minutes

Les collines d'Anacapri, Des pas sur la neige, Général Lavine - Claude Debussy
New work - Denis Fargeton
Trois préludes - Olivier Messiaen
En blanc et noir - Claude Debussy
Voiles, La danse de Puck, Feux d'artifices - Claude Debussy

Musical proposition: Gilles Dumoulin
With David Myriam, sand artist

Transcription Raphaël Aggery, Gérard Lecointe, Gilles Dumoulin

Production Percussions Claviers de Lyon