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Airs de Danse

In its impulsive, subtle or rhythmic movements, dance and percussion have always had close ties.

Throughout history composers have seized upon these ties to write works that are more vivid, morefluid and more demanding. Yet many of these works have been freed from the initial choreographyto become concert works in their own right, often in adaptations written by the composer himself.Performing the work in this new framework reveals its purely musical qualities, whilst remainingfaithful to its original essence.

The Percussions Claviers de Lyon have taken on four works that are associated with dance, in theoriginal versions or in surprising adaptations. The sweeping, energetic movements of their malletson the keyboards are a visual extension of the music that reminds us of the bodies of the dancers.

Petrouchka and Le Festin de l’araignée, two famous ballets that were composed over a century ago,are examples of this powerful link between music, drama and movement. Igor Stravinsky and AlbertRoussel composed these two works for the Ballets Russes who were honouring Russian culture inParis and throughout Europe.

We travel to Russian again with the music of Dmitri Chostakovitch, whose Préludes highlight theheritage of dance with waltzes, polkas, tarantellas and barcarolles that follow one another in a rapidstyle that is reminiscent of the freedom of dance.

Closer to home, we present Partially Screaming, a work commissioned by the Percussions Claviers de Lyon for British composer Graham Fitkin, who found his inspiration in urban dance for this uncompromising composition of nervous and obsessional character. In one go, the score graduallyevolves from a heartfelt swing to a noisy, energetic climax. Sounds and movement come together in a veritable trance like effect!

Gilles Dumoulin

Préludes Opus 34 - Dmitri Chostakovitch (extract)
transcription Gilles Dumoulin

Partially Screaming - Graham Fitkin

Le Festin de l’araignée - Albert Roussel
transcription Gilles Dumoulin

Petrouchka - Igor Stravinsky
transcription Gérard Lecointe

Musical proposition: Gilles Dumoulin
Performance length : 1h20
Production : Percussions Claviers de Lyon